Saturday, 29 October 2016

A Little Trip

We have just had a night away in a hotel just the two of us.  That is something we haven't  done since before the children were born so eighteen years, quite a long way to travel for one night but we enjoyed it.

Earlier in the year we were watching Location, Location, Location ( you know the one, where people often have budgets of about nine hundred thousand pounds and still act disappointed the whole time!) well on this occasion they featured Cheltenham and we thought it looked nice.  My husband booked it as a one off treat and my mum said she would stay the night with the children and dogs. 

We stayed in the Cheltenham Townhouse and it is such a lovely building, the area was called Pittville Lawn and the whole street was gorgeous with gates at the end and just a five minute walk into town.
I have taken a few photos of the street as it was so pretty...

The grey building at the end with the sign out front is the one we stayed in, very grand but if you lived there you wouldn't have a garden and I wouldn't like that.

This lovely property opposite was for rent, I bet they are asking a small fortune per month.

This is another row of townhouses, there are lots of buildings of this style around the town, they have a lovely feel to them.
I just liked the Autumn feel to this picture.

Anyway back now, and much as I enjoyed it, it was a bit far to return to unless you were in the area for longer, and of course there are other places to visit.  Next time it will be all of us including the dogs travelling somewhere new but not until next year.  It was good to do something different out of our usual routine.

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