Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A New Sewing Tool and Improving on a Project

A little goody arrived in the post this morning in the shape of a new sewing machine foot.  I ordered it a while ago and I was starting to wonder where it had got to, then as if by magic it dropped through the letter box. It is a binding foot and after watching a little demonstration of one I thought I would try it as it was inexpensive from ebay. 

In the past I have never really bought myself these time saving tools and often look on as fellow dressmakers whip out an array of sewing feet that I can't even name. Although it has never held me back I would like to start and become more familiar with these items.

So the first thing I am going to do after playing around with it for a  while is make an apron, not too exciting I know but as I keep splashing myself every time I cook or bake it is the obvious choice, plus lots of binding needed on one of those.  I will be repurposing an old shirt to cut my strips of binding.

I finally got around to a little job that has been bothering me for a while. In 2014 I made a black denim jacket that I love you can see it here, and although I have worn it lots each time I do I think I really should change the lining.  You see when I made the jacket I had the idea of lining it with Paul Smith shirting, which is lovely but if you wear anything with sleeves it grabs as you pull the jacket on.  Of course this is why we have lovely silky linings.  So while it looked lovely in the jacket it wasn't altogether practical.  So while I was shopping a couple of weeks ago I bought some lining fabric in a lovely blue and set to work.

Of course it took longer than I thought, the jacket pieces were many and I had to unpick all the stitching of the original lining where it meets the outer jacket, but I did opt to leave it in as an extra layer.

Some time later and here it is finished, it slides on and off easily now so no need to worry about those sleeves.  But I really should make sure things are hanging correctly on the hanger before I take the photographs.

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