Sunday, 30 October 2016

Black Dress Déjà Vu

While we were off on our travels yesterday we happened to walk past a Next store and what did I see in the window? A black party dress almost the same as the one I made for a Christmas party two yeas ago.  I found this very strange as I didn't copy any image at the time or use a pattern I just worked with the fabric that I had.  I have to say I only really wore it over the Christmas season that year as it is just that sort of dress, but if you can make things quite economically it is not such a big deal.  I'm sure it will have an outing again this year.

Here is the dress I made two years ago...

It cost £3.50 for the fringe and the jersey underneath I already had, the neck on mine is slightly different but other than that take away the belt and you have this...

This Next dress is advertised at £70 pounds so quite a difference especially if you only wear it a handful of times.  Now ok you have a super model and lovely photo shoot showing off this dress but ultimately the design is the same.

You can view the original post for my dress here, but this got me thinking that I may start and do a little post each month by choosing a  garment I like and then see how I can recreate it on the cheap or better still by recycling.  I will have a look around and see what I can come up with.

If some of you are already thinking about what you will wear for upcoming special occasions it might be an idea to have a look at what is out there and what you already have.  Can you change the neckline on a dress, add a panel, chiffon sleeves and different belts can all change the look of an item.  These ideas may save you over paying on an outfit that has a very short season.

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